About Me

My name is Duncan and I have since retired from my official position. I now work with multiple organisations, such as Kitchen Reviews Direct to bring peace to the world through expert and unbiased reviews. I am officially considered retired, although this is just a meaningless title attached to somebody who doesn’t believe in retirement. Officially, I am retired. Non-officially, I’m a human who’s still living my life.

Kitchen Reviews Direct – I contribute to Kitchen Reviews Direct, mostly in their Toaster Oven Reviews section. I have reviewed most of the toaster ovens within the section currently; and pride myself on providing the readers with unbiased feedback on each model. I’m a toaster oven mad person – so I enjoy being able to test new models and keeping them occasionally. I actually have three toaster ovens in my house – and my family love it – one toaster oven for each person (me, my wife and the dog!). If you’re interested in buying a new toaster oven for your home, I would advise reading the toaster oven reviews I’ve written to date to find the best toaster oven to you.