Race to the Top Begins

“The Mount Lemmon Marathon makes New York marathon look like child’s play” – that’s how a prominent politician and avid marathon runner put it when asked what he thought of the upcoming 2010 Mount Lemmon Marathon in Tucson.

Preparations for this years marathon are already underway and the announcement that it will be for 26 plus miles makes it officially the toughest marathon in the country. Why? Well because you have to not just complete the distance but also fight against the elements.

What elements you ask?

Well to start with how about gravity? Remember how your car whines everytime it tries going uphill on a higher gear? Well that’s what your body will go through when all you do is try and climb a steep slope. The track gradually elevates from sea level to a whopping 8000 feet at the end of the marathon. Now, even your car won’t be able to climb that slope without whining and grinding half the way through!

Gravity is in fact one of the most important factors here to begin with. I’ve been rigorously training on an inversion table to ensure that I can get through it. By hanging upside down, experts say that you can reverse and even counteract the negative effects of gravity. Well, I’ve been using one for 6-months so far and there’s definitely less tension and pain in my spine and back; but we’ll see how I go on long-term.

Next up, the fact that the higher up you go the less oxygen there really is! Yup, this is actually what makes the track so difficult. Not only will you be drained of energy as you reach the finish line but also short of breath and troubled with low oxygen levels in the blood.

As Bart Yasso recently put it, “Runners are like fishermen”. The reason they do this track and will continue to come to Mount Lemmon Marathon is because they love to talk on how this race was so steep and tough. As time goes by the track only gets tougher and steeper in the minds of those who competed here! It is truly a track like none other and is finally open for the 2010 season. Entries are already pouring in, so when are you sending in your entry?

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