Tips For Getting Financial Aid

Probably the best government college financial aid out there is the FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. However, information on this particular college aid is not easy to come by. While you can find out exactly the amount of aid you will get if you quality, it is hard getting other necessary information. By the way, sooner you send in your form the better it is.

It was recently pointed out that while the FAFSA is an excellent aid, the number of families filing for it are actually less than anticipated. Because of this nearly $3 billion in grants are left lying around annually! Okay so what is a FAFSA. It is not a financial aid no! It is actually an idea of what you qualify for.

The good news is filing for this aid lets you negotiate with colleges on the exact amount of grant you receive. However, the bad news is that the value FAFSA determines does not strictly bind colleges into giving you more or less aid. This is because colleges too will do their own independent assessment of your situation and you requirements.

However, please note that even if you get a 100% grant or financial aid, the cost may still be high on your family since there is the cost of living, book procurement and so on.

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