Month: January 2010

Race to the Top Begins

“The Mount Lemmon Marathon makes New York marathon look like child’s play” – that’s how a prominent politician and avid marathon runner put it when asked what he thought of the upcoming 2010 Mount Lemmon Marathon in Tucson.

Preparations for this years marathon are already underway and the announcement that it will be for 26 plus miles makes it officially the toughest marathon in the country. Why? Well because you have to not just complete the distance but also fight against the elements.

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Tips For Getting Financial Aid

Probably the best government college financial aid out there is the FAFSA or the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. However, information on this particular college aid is not easy to come by. While you can find out exactly the amount of aid you will get if you quality, it is hard getting other necessary information. By the way, sooner you send in your form the better it is.

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