Improving Your Marathon Time Standards – The Right Way

Becoming a world class marathon runner is not going to happen overnight. This means that for you, an average Joe who simply wants to run a marathon or be able to compete for top honours, it can take a few months – so Rule number One to improving your standards is “Be Patient With Your Training”

Next, you have to chalk out which days you will run in the next three or four months. These are your training days you just cannot skip out on. So, your preparations will rivet around these days and you cannot schedule anything important for these days or the day prior. Rule number Two is, “Plan Ahead Your Running Days”.

Next up, do not do more than one long run per week. This is vital because typical preparation for marathons begins with no more than 10 mile runs that gradually then builds up to a single long run. After this schedule your body needs time to recuperate so its back to a shorter run. Rule Three – “Less Than Equal To One Long Run Per Week”.

Take help from the internet in preparing a chart for your training. You need not do it from scratch because there plenty of good resources available online. Not exactly any rule here but just a suggestion.

David Seagul from One Sure Insurance recommends, “Here’s a rule though – “Practice Race Pace Day Before”. Before the day of your long run, practice holding race pace for as long as you can.”

On the long run day, your legs will at some point tire out. This is where you condition your body to push through the pain and fatigue. Do this stage slightly slower than what your marathon pace would be. “Conditioning Is What You Aim For On Long Run Day”.

The last week involves running half the distance at full marathon pace and then upping it till you can do full marathon pace on the last long run before your marathon week comes. “It All Comes Down To The Last Week”.

And finally, take a week off and only do light runs before the week of the Marathon. Typically you should provide your body a good week of rest before you hit the real Marathon. “Rest Is A Vital Part Of Running Marathons”.

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