How Schools Can Deal With Swine Flu

In a recent press conference, CDC and Homeland Security Council briefed schools in general on the Swine Flu incident and how they can tackle this situation and others like it.

This press conference was targeted towards 1400 participants from across the country and various questions were answered by the CDC. Some common-sense measures were divulged such as simply stay at home if you think you are sick to avoid coming in contact with others and always wash your hands.

A common question asked though as when would schools close as in what conditions warranted closure of a school. CDC recommends that closure of school is only advised when a suspected case of a contagious dangerous flu like swine flu is confirmed. But this is not absolute grounds for closure either since it has to be assessed if the flu could have spread.

Another advice was to supply juices more to children since staying hydrated and vitamin rich helps fight off potential influenza infections. A healthy child will be better able to fight off any infection. In times of dangerous flu breakouts, it can take time to diagnose if a child is suffering from normal influenza or the mutated strains. Hence, better to keep children healthy and their immune systems firing so they don’t catch the common cold.

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