Save Services – Raise Revenue


For the past two years, the North Carolina General Assembly has faced unprecedented budget shortfalls. As a result, vital services for older adults, children, working parents, people with physical and mental disabilities and newborn infants have been cut or completely eliminated. Other critical needs must be addressed – our mental health and our child welfare systems remain in crisis.

This fiscal year, we again face another enormous state budget deficit. Solving the budget problem must not mean more cuts to vital services for the state’s most vulnerable citizens. Solving the budget problem must not mean turning our back on the progress the state has made in public education. Solving the budget problem must not mean impossible choices among equally critical services and programs. Solving the budget problem should mean raising revenue where necessary to cover essential services.


Adequate Resources – We believe that the North Carolina General Assembly must find adequate resources to support services for our state’s most vulnerable citizens. We are willing to pay our fair share to provide adequate revenue for essential programs and services.

Good Government – We believe that there are appropriate services that government must provide whether the economy is up or down: child protection, mental and physical health, quality child care, public education, caring for the vulnerable, disabled and elderly, and infrastructure—roads, public safety, and clean water.

North Carolinians Stand Together – As consumers of government services, we should not be pitted against one another. We believe that in order for North Carolinians to reach their full potential, old and young, able and disabled all need to stand together and support one another. We will not sacrifice older adults for children, public education for health care or child protection for the environment. These all are essential and we stand together to support them.

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